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Cylon Hybrids (Bay Ship Personalities)

The Hybrid - Battlestar Galactica Cylon Hybrids are the personality constructs for the Base Ships. They are biologicals like "The Twelve" but exist only within Base ships. They lay in a pool of what looks like water, but is more likely some sort of fluid that allows extremely fast transmission of data to and from the Hybrid brain.

The Hybrid makes its first appearance in Season 3, when Gaius Baltar sees one in the center of the Base Ship on which he is living. (or held captive, depending on perspective) He enters the room and learns from Cylon #3 that this being controls the ship and interfaces with it directly to control its movements and internal systems.

The Hybrid first encountered by Gaius seems to have some ability to see the future, and gives him a cryptic message about the location of a planet that houses more clues to the location of Earth.

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