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Term Definition
Actual Often a wireless communication involves someone asking to speak to "Galactica actual." This means they want to speak to the Commanding Officer of the ship, as opposed to any subordinates.
CAG Commander of the Air Group. The acronym used to identify a Battlestar's head pilot.

Combat Air Patrol. The term for the standard patrol flight on which teams of Vipers are deployed to defend the fleet at the first sign of trouble.
CBDR Constant bearing, decreasing range. A way of describing the path of an oncoming vessel that is on a collision course with the ship.
CIC Combat Information Center, also referred to as the bridge of a ship.

CO Commanding Officer
Chamalla extract A homeopathic cancer treatment that is more commonly used by Geminese priests and seers to induce visions.
Circle of Six Essentially a jury in Colonial law.

Term Definition
DRADIS The radar equipment array used aboard Colonial vessels. The name is derived from the words Direction, RAnge, and DIStance, as those are the factors the radar outputs as data regarding objects that appear on the display.
ECO Electronic Countermeasures Officer. The second officer making up a Raptor crew, the ECO is responsible for jamming wireless transmissions, running scans, monitoring DRADIS, and other various operations of the Raptor's tech.
Faster-than-Light. The term used to describe hyperspace travel.
Frak The primary expletive in the BSG vernacular, it means to copulate but can be used for emphasis or insult in nearly any situation. A very versatile word.

Term Definition
The techno-biological Cylon created to operate the Cylon Basestars. The Hybrid lives in an endless dreamscape, experiencing visions and speaking in metaphysical riddles.
Knuckle-Dragger The slang term for any member of the Deck Crew, the non-commissioned officers responsible for servicing and repairing the ships in the Colonial Fleet.
Kobol The original planet from which the Thirteen Colonies fled in the ancient stories.
Kobol, Lords of The gods worshipped by most citizens of the Colonies, familiarly named: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Ares, Artemis. Presumably other Olympian deities such as Hephaestus, Hestia, Demeter, and Hermes are part of the pantheon as well, but they have yet to be mentioned.

Term Definition
Morpha A strong injectable pain medication.
Pyramid Both a card game and a sport popular in the Twelve Colonies.

Term Definition
Raptor Long-range reconnaissance vessel used by the humans of the Twelve Colonies. It is capable of FTL travel and can fly in both planetary atmospheres and in space. It has sufficient internal room to carry several passengers and is often used to transport crew between ships.

Search and Rescue mission.
Silica pathways A technological component in the makeup of the Cylon brains.

Tylium The fuel used by Colonial and Cylon vessels. It is a naturally occurring element in the galaxy, found in ore form and processed by refineries.
Viper Combat vessel used by the humans of the Twelve Colonies. It is capable of sharp maneuvering and can fly in both planetary atmospheres and in space.
XO Executive Officer, the CO's second-in-command, responsible for carrying out all actions as ordered by the CO and delegating actions as necessary throughout the rest of the crew.
YIBH Fan terminology. It stands for Year In Baltar's Hair. This is how fans have chosen to shorthand the transition made in Lay Down Your Burdens Part II, when the camera zooms in on Baltar's hair, then zooms out, and we learn a year has passed.

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